WSF Orgasining Rules

General considerations

The World Shotokan Federation (WSF) organizes WSF Shotokan world and continental championships, each year, individual and team, in accordance with the WSF Competition Rules, at Kata, Shobu Ippon, Shobu Sanbon and WKF Kumite.

Partnership – World Shotokan Federation organizes this championship annually, in collaboration with WKF National Federations and National organizations / style commissions (as WSF national representative body), licensed by the WSF in that country, affiliated with at WSF.

Within this partnership, each of parts also assumes organizational obligations for the championship success, as follows:

  1. Sports hall

The National Federation – the local organizer has the obligations to reserve the competition hall, which must meet the following conditions:

– arrangement of min. 6 competition surfaces (tatami) 10 x 10m

– the area for warming exercises for athletes

– area to check contest categories and documents,

– the official table area

– the media area

– the medical assistance area

– the area with a podium for the medalist athletes’

– changing rooms

– VIP and VVIP protocol

– min. 2500-3000 seats

  1. Equipment

The local organizer will arrange a minimum of 6 tatamis (contest surfaces) with all necessary equipment’s, according to the competition regulations (arbitration, sound, lighting, air conditioning, flags of participating countries, aso.).

The sport hall will be arranged one day before of the event, until 22.00 hour, when the commission of WSF and the National Federation will do the check and final approver.

  1. Accommodation

The local organizer will provide an official list of the hotels with which they will negotiate the reasonable prices following the approval of the Head Quarter Hotel (min 4-5 stars). These hotels will be listed in the Official Bulletin of WSF World Championship 2019.

The host will cover the cost of full board accommodation during the event for:

– Executive committee members

– Referees and judges

– The organizing committee members

– The Sportdata team

The list of the officials will be approved by the WSF Executive Committee.

  1. Accreditations

All athletes, referees, coaches, officials, media and VIP records will be made through the WKF Approved on Sportdata software.

Online registration will begin 3 months in advance of the event date.

Accreditation cards will be delivered one day before the event to the WSF Headquarters Registration Office, according to the WSF Official Bulletin.

The World Shotokan Federation will provide the software for registration on Sportdata.

  1. Medical Assistance

For the event, a medical team is required on the contest area and an ambulance is needed during the event.

  1. Arbitration

The number of referees required is about of 60 referees and judges.

The full board accommodation, for the referees and the arbitration fees will be paid by the WSF, according to the WSF Official Bulletin, the referees must be officially licensed by the WSF and WKF.

  1. Diplomas, medals and cups

The local organizer will provide the required number of diplomas, medals and cups. The WSF General Secretariat will provide to the organizer the list of the necessary materials for the event, at least 30 days before the event.


  1. Insurance

The host is responsible for its own costs to ensure the event, is effectively and appropriately in accordance with local laws. In this context, the WSF must be excepted of any form of liability for damages or injuries resulting from the event.

The host must therefore work with an authorized insurance company, in written form.

According to the WSF Competitions Regulations, all competitors have the obligation to submit at the registration – the individual medical insurance policy and sport accidents.

  1. Visas

The host country, the National Federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, will take all necessary steps to support the approval for visas for non-European delegations participating in this championship.

  1. World Championship Official Bulletin WSF 2019

The World Shotokan Federation will publish the WSF Official Bulletin to all members at least 3 months before the event.

  1. Financial conditions

The financial conditions concerning the WSF’s participation in the Championship’s expenses will be determined on the basis of un Contract between WSF and the National Federation.

The WSF Executive Committee, together with the National Federation, will determine the all organizational measures needed to succeed this championship into the WSF championship standards.