World Shotokan Federation WSF Executive Commitee decided to promote Mr. Adrian Popescu Sacele with 9.Dan in Albena, Bulgaria. 

Sensei Adrian Popescu – Sacele  has an impressive business card and an enviable sports career. Currently he is the President of the Romanian Karate Modern Federation and the Karate Club League – Do Shotokan Fudokan, based in Brasov. Born in 1951 in Focsani, the first contact with the performance sport started at the Sports High School in Brasov where he practiced gymnastics. This helped later not only in terms of mobility but also in terms of the elegance and accuracy of the Karate movements. Passion for KarateDo dates back to 1972, at a time when martial arts were forbidden by communist authorities. The chance that she has been given to the international masters has not been left untouched. Adrian Popescu-Sacele passed through the Sensei doge of Sensei Ilija lorga 9 Dan, Sensei Taiji Kase 9 Dan, Sensei Idetaka Nishiama 9 Dan, Sensei Hiroshi Shirai 8 Dan – sounds from the world of Karate world. Having a native talent and a capability to capture the subtleties of Karate, Adrian Popescu manages to climb quickly into the hierarchy. All grades up to 5 Dan including them from Master Ilija lorga 8 Dan from Yugoslavia. The Black belt exam 6 Dan assists him in front of World Technical Director of WKF, Sensei Guy Sauvin 8 Dan. in 1995, Master Popescu receives the recognition of a coach emeritus at Karate – Do. in personal and professional terms Sensei PopescuThese is no less. He is married and has a child in the 12th grade. As a mechanical engineer he has practical contributions in the field of machinery and machinery, having published five scientific papers in the field. He has patented several inventions and technical innovations and is also an associate teacher for the Karate-Do discipline of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Brasov. Sensei Popescu-Sacele established the first KarateDo legal organization in Romania right after the Revolution: Karate-Do Shotokan-Fudokan Club League with 56 clubs. Since 1997, the League has joined the Romanian Karate Modern Federation (FRKM) where, alongside the classic Shotokan, styles such as Shito Ryu, Goju Ryu and Wado Ryu coexist. FRKM is integrated into the World Karate Federation (WKF) and has the recognition of the International Olympic Committee (CIO) and the possibility that the future Karate-Do will be accepted as the Olympic test. Coach emeritus and national technical director for Karate Shotokan, Adrian Popescu-Sacele has the reputation of a good pedagogue, an exceptional karateka that shocks through elegance, precision in movements and above all through a special energetic explosion.