Curriculum Vitae of Mr. Zakhnini Mohammed

Born in 1950, (Berkane, MOROCCO)

Formed in France at the beginning of the 60’s, he was part of the promotion of Valére Dominique, Francis Didier, Jean Pierre Lavorato, Patric Tamburini, Roger Pachy, Guy Sauvin, Jean Pierre Fischer, …

He is one of the first karate pioneers in Morocco and one of the only founders of the Moroccan Royal Karate Federation, that he even directed for many years.
and also the founder of the Royal Moroccan Federation of KING BOXE (Khmer) and one of the best technicians that Morocco has ever known !!!

He has over 55 years of karate practice, and various martial arts.

All his grades, dan, he got them in France, notoriously at Master Shogo KUNIBA!

He has participated in seminars with great figures of KARATE, including Osensei NISHIYAMA (10thdan), KANAZAWA (10thdan), HAYASHI (10thdan), Morio Higaonna (10thdan), shogo KUNIBA (8thdan), Hideo Ochi (8thdan), OKAMOTO, NAKAHARA, ….

He has been appointed as world referee at the ITKF by Osensein Nishiyama.