Article 1

Name, headquarters, legal form and insignia

1- The objective of these statutes is to exclusively regulate the general principles and the procedures of the establishment, organisation, duties and authorisations of the World Shotokan Federation which is a self-governing organisation. These statutes cover the execution, organisation and development of all Shotokan  activities whole in the World in accordance with World Shotokan Federation Rules.

2- The abbreviation of World Shotokan Federation is WSF

3- The WSF logo is as shown in the Annex to these statutes.

4- Headquarter’s adres;

World Shotokan Federation C.P.91 – 2900


Article 2                                    

The objectives of WSF are:

  1. a) To organise, regulate and monitor all Shotokan  activities within the World;
  2. b) To promote the development and expansion of Shotokan  throughout the World
  3. c) To ensure the proper implementation of rules set by the governing bodies of WSF.
  4. d) To make any plans, programs, arrangements and agreements related to Shotokan  activities as well as to take the necessary measures to achieve successful results;
  5. e) To fight against violence, illegal performance incentives, racism, doping and any kind of discrimination;
  6. f) To educate the Shotokan society with assistance of the its coaches and to make Dan and Kyu examinations and homologations in Shotokan Style.

Article 3                                                         :

One of our main objectives of WSF,as world shotokan federation, is to build  a strong world structure at continental and national level, a world efficient organization of this style.

As a consequence,WSF recognizes only One WSF National Representative Body ( national federations,associations,unions,a.s.o) as the WSF National Representative for the respective country, as full Member of WSF.

WSF  is open to all Shotokan Unions, National Federations, Associations, Clubs,Dojos, Individuals which could be members of the WSF National Representative Body.

WSF Executive Committee is authorized to accept the membership applications. All members will get identification card’s as membership.

Article 4                                                :

Member’s Obligations

  1. a) Entry to the WSF competition’s only allowed by membership.
  2. b) Dan examinations will be held by appointed dan examining directors after approval of WSF
  3. c) Entry to the WSF competition’s are required by id card.

Article 5


  1. a) Each year until the end of january, membership renewal is required, otherwise the membership will be suspended.
  2. b) Members which do not participate in the WSF activities organised by WSF by two (2) years shall be suspended by the executive commitee.

three (3) consecutive years shall be suspended from voting at the Congress until they have fulfilled their obligations in this respect and may not be candidate for any function with WSF.

Article 6

Honorary President

  1. a) Nominatation of Honorary President shall be designated by The Executive Committee,
  2. b) The Honorary President may take part in the Congress and has not the right to vote.

Article 7

Bodies of the WSF

  1. a) The Congress
  2. b) President
  3. c) Executive Commitee
  4. d) General Secretariat

Article 8

The Congress

The Congress will be held each four years in World Shotokan Championships. Each representative will have one vote in the congress.

Article 9

The President

The President will be elected for 5 years. All countries will have the right of showing candidature for the Chair.

Article 10

Executive Commitee

The Executive Commitee will consist of  9 member’s, including  2 Vice Presidents, Secretary General and President.

Article 11

General Secretariat

General Secretary will be elected by the Executive Commitee from its members and the office location will be in Basel, Switzerland.

Article 12

Standing Commitees

  1. a) Referee Commitee
  2. b) Technical Commitee
  3. c) Organising Commitee
  4. d) Medical Commitee
  5. e) Discipline Commitee
  6. f)  International Relations Commitee

Article 13


  1. a) Participation Fee’s
  2. b) Dan Examination Fee’s
  3. c) Membership Fee’s
  4. d) Seminar Fee’s
  5. e) Donations and Grants

Article 14


WSF competitions holds with the following categories

Children, Cadets, Seniors and Masters Categories

Individual and Team Kata Kumite

Shobu Ippon, Shobu Nihon, Shobu Sanbon Jyu Kumite and 8 points system (WKF)

Article  15                                                 :

Refereing Rules

Both in Kumite and Kata World Shotokan Federation WSF Rules are valid.

March 2015

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