11th European Shotokan Championships Skopje


European Shotokan Championship plays on 1-2-3 November 2019 in Skopje North Macedonia by participation of 20 Nations with big success in its shobu ippon, shobu sanbon and WKF kumite categories.

World Karate Federation Executive Commitee Member Esat Delihasan and World Karate Federation Technical Commitee Member Yashar Bashirov elected as new members of the World Shotokan Federation. President Esat Delihasan is elected as the President of World Shotokan Federation, Turkish Karate Federation General Coordinator Ercument Tasdemir as the General Secretary of WSF, Adrian Popescu Sacele as the Deputy President of WSF, Yashar Bashirov as 1st Vice President of WSF, Kakha Basilia as 2nd Vice President of WSF, Roussalin Rossalinov as 3rd Vice President of WSF, Hayrettin Hamurcu as 4th Vice President of WSF.

During the opening ceremony of the European Shotokan Championships in Skopje, VIP Arena holds with great success of demonstrations para karate and N. Macedonian dance performance.

11th European Shotokan Champinships Skopje, N.Macedonia1-2-3 November 2019 Georgian Para Karate Athlete joni Tophuria performs Kata.

Posted by Ercument Tasdemir on Monday, November 4, 2019


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